• Image of Cloudy Vision
  • Image of Cloudy Vision

Your path is long, winding between snowcapped mountains - beyond the crimson valleys of blood blossom trees. Days go by. Weeks go by. Your lips burn, your muscles ache. The realization of being lost sets in.

The snow up to your knees, tossing in front of you with each lazy pace. Your steps become shuffled through the cold. Finally you collapse. Snow blind, staring at the sky, burning green and yellow floods your eyes. Its all you see, even when you shut your eyes. Nothing but swirling oil spill dripping colors in your mind. A face appears and you pray for death.

A flash of white and a freight train of a voice fills your chest. You see your end a million times. You hear the chorus of a dead language chanting through your limbs - you bathe in the waters of your own eternity and melt away.

Original ink and pencil work
Done on 9x12 paper

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